Natural Induction Methods?

Thirty Five Week Ultrasound
Turns out 4D ultrasounds look a little creepy if your hands are in your face!

We had another growth ultrasound this morning and it turns out Maggie only gained eight ounces over the last two weeks, compared to the pound we were hoping for, and dropped down to the eighth percentile. Everything else {fluid, placenta, etc} still looks good though.

Because it's dangerous to be induced if you're trying for a VBAC, we had a c-section scheduled for November 1st, a week past my due date. But because of Maggie's small size, this morning our doctor moved the date up to October 21st. 

That's a week from Monday! Of course my top priority is a healthy baby, but I'd really like to avoid a c-section if possible. Although there are lots of reasons why a c-section wouldn't be ideal, what I'm most worried about is the whole can't-pick-up-heavy-things-for-six-weeks part. Because you know who falls into that category? Claire. 

I'm not dilated at all yet, but if Maggie could come out on her own in the next nine days, that would be just amazing. And that's where you come in. Give me all your favorite natural induction methods! I'm pretty much game for anything. Well, except for castor oil...


  1. Walk, walk, walk! I also ate an entire pineapple the day before I went into labor but to be honest I don't think it had much to do with it. ;) I've also heard that nipple stimulation is extremely effective if you do it the right way.

    How soon is the new c-section date before your due date?

  2. Look into induction massages. They supposedly work great based on trigger point around the ankles, but I think it's all a bunch of hoop-la. Nothing worked for me when Estelle didn't want to come. Even the first induction didn't work, so I think it's all based on the individual person.

  3. Pedicure, walk, walk, walk, lots of sex, and I will be praying! Hope you get an early delivery. I went from 0 to baby in less than 24 hours.

  4. Speaking from personal experience: Do not tire yourself out with walking endless miles or listening to people’s recommendations for bad spicy food places. Rest and keep calm knowing that however things go; you will be holding your beautiful baby soon! I would absolutely talk with your doctor and wait to get as close to your due date as you can get him to agree to and then try a foley bulb. It can get you from 0 to dilated to the point where they can break your water. I have definitely heard of more than one person who had a successful VBAC with this method! I can't see why a doctor wouldn't let you at least try it this way if he's insistent that the baby needs to get out ASAP.


You are awesome.