Snow Day

Snow is kind of a rarity in Seattle. You can easily drive into the mountains to see it, but we don't necessarily get snow here in the city every year. It did actually snow right before Christmas, though. My sister took Claire out to play and she absolutely hated it!

Yesterday, we woke up and began the typical morning rush to get ready for Mass. When we finally looked out the window, we were so surprised to see everything covered in a blanket of fresh, white snow! So when we got home from church, Adam and Claire went out to play while Maggie and I stayed in the warm, cozy apartment.







This time, the snow was hit. They made snow angels and a snowman, but Claire's favorite was definitely the snow chair. I'm so glad Adam captured all these picture, even if they are less-than-perfect cell phone quality, so that I wouldn't feel totally left out of the excitement!


  1. Wow it looks like you got a ton of snow! I think my favorite is the snow chair too.

  2. So fun!! Dads are great for that. Um, I think this would be a great childhood experience but don't physically want to facilitate... Would you mind? ;)


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