Clearly Claire


Aunt Allie: What are you thinking about?
Claire: Monkeys.

Pointing at a picture of a naked lady in a cat suit: Jesus!

After an extremely loud and long burp...
Caitlin: What do you say? 
Claire: I be a dinosaur! 

 Looking at a picture of Adam's siblings: That's Aunt Katie! That's Uncle Alex!
Pointing at Uncle Steve: That's...a boy?

Caitlin: Where's Daddy?
Claire: At work.
Caitlin: What does Daddy do at work?
Claire: Eat lunch!  

As soon as Adam walks in the door every evening...
Claire: Have fun at work, Daddy? Eat lunch at work, Daddy? 

Caitlin: Tomorrow we're going to a concert at the park! Cecilia is going to be there! 
Claire: Music! I wanna dance! I wanna wear my pretty dress. 
Caitlin: Sure, you can wear your pretty dress.
Claire: Maggie wear pretty dress? 
Caitlin: Sure, Maggie will wear a pretty dress too.
Claire: Cecilia wear pretty dress?
Caitlin: Probably. She likes to wear dresses.
Claire: Baby Andrew wear pretty dress? 

Yet, when you ask her where her shoes are, you're met with a blank stare...
Caitlin: Where does milk come from?
Claire: Cows! Moo! I see cows at the farm park! I see chickens! I see two chickens! I see horses! I ride the horses?
Caitlin: Sure, we can sign you up to ride the horses in a few weeks.
Claire: I ride horses! I wear helmet! I wear black helmet! 

Adam: Claire, I'm going to go use the bathroom.
Claire: Okay, I'll watch you!

When it started to rain while we were out for a walk...
Claire: Stop sprinkling up there!

Examining Adam's bare chest...
Claire: Oh, little boy hairs!


And, a bonus, here she is counting to ten!

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