Toddler Stylist

My all-time favorite store, Boden, was having a 30% sale recently and since they were offering free shipping and returns, I ordered quite a few things to try on. Our package arrived yesterday, so after Maggie was tucked into bed for the night, Claire watched me try everything on and offered some very helpful commentary.

I am majorly lacking in the short-sleeve shirt department (I only have three - black, white and gray tees from Everlane) so I ordered a couple summer tops, both $30.


This navy one would work with my green and pink pencil skirts. When I put it on, Claire said, "Tummy hurt, mommy?"


This striped tee would work with my black skirt and just with jeans. When I put it on, Claire said, "Fun shirt, mommy! Pocket!"


This white blouse was my favorite. It would go with all the bottoms, but it was $50 and do I really need another long-sleeved top? Claire called it a "cowboy" shirt.


I really, really like this blue striped skirt. But the only top I have to go with it is just this black tee. I'd wear a black tank top underneath, of course, and a fancier necklace to dress things up. When I tried this on, Claire said, "Mommy's a princess!"

I'm pretty committed to only keeping $100 worth of clothes. The skirt was $70, so I could keep that and one of the $30 shirts, or just all three shirts. Decisions, decisions! Help a girl out?


 Next it was time for Claire to do some modeling. I ordered the girls a few matching outfits for next summer - this dress, this shirt, and this swimsuit. She had a little fashion show for us, complete with a dance to "the sun will come out tomorrow" and then had a meltdown when she had to change into pajamas. Oh, toddlers.


  1. I like the colorful top, really love the navy top and the skirt. The white shirt is cute too, but since you're really in need of short sleeved things and that's the season we're in now, I'd choose something else. (Although maybe you can wear it in summer in Seattle?)

  2. love the skirt! very flattering! would it not go with your white t too? i like the striped t better than the first one. the white shirt is really cute too though.

  3. I love love looooove that skirt, and I bet you have long-sleeved shirts that would work with it, too! I would absolutely keep that. And the navy shirt and striped shirt are kind of tied in my mind - I like the navy shirt better but Claire's reaction to the striped shirt is too adorable! I absolutely find myself liking certain items of my clothing better if Cecilia adores them :)

  4. You have to keep the skirt! The white shirt is definitely my favorite of the three, but since you need summer things, I'd say go with the striped one (it sounds like you like that one more).

  5. I love love love that skirt! I like the navy top best. I think you will get a lot of wear out of it. Seems very versatile. I like the stripe shirt but you have one similar in long sleeve so that is why I say the navy.

  6. I LOVE the skirt! And the first navy shirt. The toddller commentary is so cute :-)


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