Seven Quick (And Happy!) Takes

Because you can only complain about your kids on the internet so much in one week, let's brighten the mood around here, shall we? 

1. A couple weeks ago, Adam moved offices and cut his commute in half. This should tell you a.) how short his commute was in the first place and b.) how big his company's campus is. Now that he's closer to home, he's achieved his goal of biking to work! So, he gets some exercise in while commuting and he doesn't even get sweaty enough to need a change of clothes, which always seems like the most annoying part of that set-up. 

2. Maggie's transition to just afternoon naps has been really great on the weekends, because we've been able to get out and do so much more stuff. Two weekends ago, we went to a salmon festival in a nearby town and a fall festival at our favorite farm park. We seriously could not believe that we were in the car ready to go at 9:00 am.



3. Last weekend, Maggie's godparents, Joe and Alex, came for a visit. They are college friends who were originally planning on moving out here after graduation (Joe had a job offer at Adam's company) but Joe was successfully wooed by a start-up that makes apps for NFL teams, so they've stayed put in Pittsburgh for the time being. (Darn!) They were in Seattle for a business trip with the Seahawks and popped in to spend the day with us.


4. Also, last weekend, we made a visit to the pumpkin patch. Can you believe Claire went from this...

Pumpkin Patch

To this...

Pumpkin Patch

To this, so quickly? 


And it was Maggie's first time!


5. Have you been watching any new tv shows this fall? So far, we've been enjoying A to Z and Black-ish in addition to our regular programming. 

6. After my reading my grumpy post yesterday, my friend Libby came over for a post-naps play date. And she brought brownies! Gosh, friends are the best.

7. I updated the buttons on the house tour page, if you're so inclined to peruse lots of pictures of our current and previous abodes. 

Have a wonderful weekend, you guys! Go see Jen for more quick takes.

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  1. Yay friends! :) Love the pumpkin patch pictures.


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