Claire's Birthday Wish List

Claire's third birthday is a month from today! We've got a Frozen party in the works and everything. Just in case you're interested in what an almost three-year-old would like for her birthday, here's a few ideas:

Claire Birthday Wish List

Her big gift from us is an outing to the ballet with just mom and dad. We'll probably get some ballet shoes for her to unwrap with the tickets. Other than that, we used some Amazon credit to purchase a couple interactive books she's loved from the library - Tap the Magic Tree and Mix It Up. We also picked up some lacing beads and cards from the Target dollar spot.

She's been requesting a "little piano" lately and pretending every surface of our home is a piano, so I think she'd get a big kick out of this one. But then we saw it in store at the Land of Nod last weekend and she didn't pay it that much attention. Maybe just because there was so much to explore?

While we were there, we saw an adorable set of suitcases, another item she's been requesting. She loves to pretend that she's going on airplane and train trips. Packing an assortment of random toys is always involved. And, of course, Maggie is her travel buddy, so I know they'd appreciate having enough suitcases to go around.

I think she'd really enjoy a basic train set, like this one from Ikea, and I've heard many good thing about Magformers building sets.

We're planning to turn her crib into a toddler bed soon. She's only napping a couple days a week now (other days she just happily plays in her crib for ninety minutes) so I see the transition to quiet time happening soon. Things like simple twenty-four piece puzzles or magnetic dress-up dolls would be perfect for keeping her busy.

Besides a piano and a suitcase, she's also been requesting a kite. I'm not really sure where that came from? While we're on the subject of outdoor toys, I'm sure a basketball or soccer goal would see lots of action.

Honorable mentions leftover from their Christmas wish list: a toaster or stand mixer for their play kitchen, a ball drop set, and dot markers or other basic art supplies, like kid's scissors.

And, of course, you can't go wrong with books in this family. Wouldn't it be fun to start a collection of Caldecott winners?

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  1. Suitcases!!! I swear, every single one of my kids has been obsessed with suitcases. Also lunchboxes. The metal kind with the clip that closes. That set is adorable.


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