Ordinary Days



Spring came early to Seattle this year. We've spent lots of time outside admiring the cherry blossoms. Trips to the playground and visits to the gelato store on the waterfront make for two happy little girls and, consequently, two happy parents. We've had lots of get-togethers with friends and parish events on the calendar lately. It's so nice to feel like we're putting down roots here. And in our limited spare time, we've been reading and watching our favorite shows, occasionally accompanied by shortbread and hot chocolate. We've discovered Valrhona cocoa powder and officially become chocolate snobs. 

Of course, with spring also comes plenty of cleaning and yard work. We're almost done with the cleaning (just the bathrooms and the garage left!) but we've got way more yard work ahead of us. Five minutes into weeding this afternoon I told Adam my favorite part of winter was that it's the only time of year there are no outdoor chores to take care of, since we don't usually have snow to shovel here. We've got our fair share of toddler whining to deal with. I think Claire and Maggie wake up each day and draw straws to decide who is going to be the whinier one. And lately we've spent way too many of our precious quiet moments stressing about school and housing decisions that don't need to be made for two years. 

This is Claire's birthday week! My sister is coming to visit for the occasion and we're also taking a girls trip to Portland next weekend. Three hours before she heads home, my brother will arrive from China. He and Adam will spend the following weekend in Pittsburgh for a scholarship interview. The day that Scott leaves, Chick-fil-A opens in our neighborhood. (Thankfully, not on a Friday!) And then, all of sudden, it's Holy Week. 

So we've got a month of good things to look forward to. I hope you do too! 


  1. Love that photo with the girls in the chairs!! We are definitely getting cabin fever around here, hoping spring comes to Pittsburgh soon. :)

  2. The Clark girls miss Redmond! We are always up for a Redmond play date. Of course you are always welcome in Sammamish! Although Paige might be super sad if there aren't bagels, so maybe play date and bagels! I know we just saw you, but we miss you! So excited to celebrate Claire this week!


You are awesome.