Seven Quick Takes

1. Claire is potty trained - hooray! We started right after her cousin's (who potty trained first) visit. Claire insisted on wearing underwear as soon as we got home from the airport. Turns out potty training is pretty easy when you wait until your subject is three years and three months old. We celebrated a successful week with a trip to the ice cream store, of course.

Celebrating potty training success!
2. We had the most awesome weather last weekend. We brought out the baby pool and water table for the girls to play with while we planted lavender and washed windows. The Texan in me still finds it hilarious when Seatteites complain about how hot 82 degrees is.

Sweet summertime.

3. My dad went back to China for my brother's high school graduation and brought my mom and Scott back with him. They're all officially Eastern Washington residents now! They drove to Seattle on Tuesday evening to fly out to Scott's college orientation the next morning. Tuesday also happened to be my mom's birthday, so we had cake and surprised her with a KitchenAid mixer.


4. My parents left their car (our old Kia Forte) with us while they're out of town. The timing was perfect because Adam's bike broke the day they arrived. It was a birthday present from his parents when he was fifteen and when he took it to the bike repair shop at work, they said it was in the worst shape they've ever seen. But in good news, his name is going on a patent application!

Someone figured out how to climb up to the table...

5. I will almost certainly never get a patent, but I do get to spend two hours on the couch in the middle of the afternoon reading Outlander if I so desire. I just started the first book this week and I'm a tad obsessed. I bought the eBook with Whisper Sync for $6 and I'm loving being able to switch between both. Totally fueling my obsession while allowing me to not completely neglect cleaning and making dinner.

And now we have two menances to our fellow Trader Joe's shoppers.

6. The girls and I went strawberry picking with our friend Leslie this morning! We all had a great time ticking the first item off our summer bucket list. I know it's technically still spring, but doesn't it feel like summer really starts after Memorial Day?

Strawberry picking!

7. Have a great weekend, you guys. We don't have any big plans - I'm going to switch the girls' clothes over to summer and make some strawberry ice cream. And I think Adam's going to be shopping for a new bike!


  1. Wait... both of your girls nap for two hours every afternoon?!?! Connor's already down to just one 45-minute nap per day. He's a good nighttime sleeper, so I can't complain much... but oh the things I could do with two hours! Tell me your secret!

  2. One of the reasons we got this vehicle was to be able to travel to the slopes more often. We are able to easily fit our skies on top and have never gotten stuck on the road yet. I got rid of my pick-up truck for this one, and I have not looked back ever since. If you are still on the fence, go for it, you won't be disappointed.

    Douglass @ Viva Kia


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