Seven Quick Takes

1. Claire officially completed two weeks of swim lessons at the private swim club down the street. She didn't learn a ton, but she had a lot of fun making new friends. And entertaining Maggie at the pool every day wasn't nearly as difficult as I imagined. Growing up in Houston, everyone was on the neighborhood swim team starting at age three and we often went swimming twice a day. It feels weird that my three-year-old is nowhere close to swimming independently, but it's just not really necessary here in Seattle.

Summer days.

2. Swim lessons were at 11:30 every day, so we went to the Y almost every morning beforehand. I tried going to the gym all last fall, but Maggie had really bad stranger anxiety and hated the childcare. We put our membership on hold in January and just now renewed it. Miraculously, both girls are perfectly content to play while I work out. I need to take advantage of this much more frequently! It's hard to fit in a trip to the gym in the morning though, so I need to get in the habit of going from 4:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon and then coming home to finish dinner.

Claire picking out all the candy before we took her to Inside Out yesterday. Even though she did just fine in Cinderella (much scarier in my opinion!) she was totally terrified and we left before the end. #ohwell #kidsareweird

3. We took Claire to see Inside Out on Father's Day. It did not go well. She saw Cinderella back in March and was perfectly fine, but for some reason she was completely inconsolable after about halfway through the latest Pixar film. I know the storyline was probably over her head, but there's not even a villain! We left before the end. Definitely one of my worst parenting traits is how frustrated I get when I take my children on a special outing and they just hate it. Last summer, our town had a "big truck day" for kids to explore fire trucks, garbage trucks, construction vehicles, police cars, etc. Unfortunately, kids were allowed to honk the horns as often as they'd like and Claire freaked out at all the loud noises. My reaction was similarly poor.

Had so much fun learning how to make berry jam at The Pantry (the cooking school behind Delancey) yesterday morning!

4. This past weekend, I went to a jam making class at The Pantry, the cooking school behind the famed pizza place, Delancey. I had the best time learning how to make strawberry and raspberry jam from the owner of Blue Chair Fruit. I plan to try myself after we go raspberry picking in a few weeks.

The first Maggie does when Claire's sleeping - go straight for her big sister's dress up clothes.

5. My mom treated me to a Shark Steam Mop when we saw them on sale at Costco. Even though it revealed just how dirty my wood floors are, I am in love. Well, as much as you can love a cleaning implement. It works so much better than my previous mop and it only uses water!

Still can't help taking pictures of her smooshy sleeping face.

6. Allison is visiting for the new few weeks and my dad just got back from Italy yesterday, so the whole family is together for the holiday weekend. I'm really liking this everybody-living-in-the-same-country-again thing so far.

Just like big sis. (Except her diaper is still 100% snapped and she uses 10x the amount of toilet paper.)

7. We're actually road-tripping to Richland today, my parents' new residence in Eastern Washington. It's going to get pretty cozy in their two-bedroom temporary apartment, but that's what family bonding is all about, right?

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