Seven Quick Takes

1. Our summer schedule is in full swing! We've been enjoying kids' concerts at the lake and playgroup park dates.

First beach day of the summer!

2. Claire is doing toddler soccer at our neighborhood park. We've been switching off attending with her while one of us goes to the playground with Maggie. It's been a nice way for us to get some one-on-one time with each child. It's on Tuesday evenings and concerts at the lake are on Tuesday mornings, so it's a very picnic-y day for us!

It's always a good day for Pike Place Market. Although I always want to say to the cars turning down this street, "Don't do it! You will regret this!" #latergram #seattle

3. Allison's visiting the first two weeks of July and last week her friend Amber was in town visiting as well. That meant trips to our favorite Seattle sightseeing spots, Pike Place Market and Snoqualmie Falls. It also meant a date night for us to see Spy and try a new Mexican restaurant.

#tbt to last Thursday at Snoqualmie Falls, holding onto these toddlers' hands for dear life. #anxiousmomisterrifiedofheights

4. Maggie rode her first roller coaster at the town festival last Friday! Claire has been before, but we weren't sure how Maggie would react. It was so cute to see them sitting together and holding on tight.

Fun at the town festival last night!

5. We went raspberry picking yesterday at our favorite u-pick farm. It wasn't as big of a hit with the girls as strawberry picking, but I sure appreciated the much easier picking work.

Raspberry picking with Aunt Allie!

6. We just finished watching Chris O'Dowd's hilarious show, Moone Boy, about a twelve-year boy and his imaginary friend in rural Ireland. You can find all the episodes on Hulu - we'd highly recommend it! Now we're looking forward to The Gaffigan Show. The two preview episodes have us very excited for the rest.

Quiet time.

7. Today, we're driving into the Cascades to meet my parents and brother for a weekend in the mountains to celebrate their 30th anniversary. It's promising to be a really great time. Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend too!

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  1. I really love the idea of concerts at the lake! We have concerts at the park here and while I haven't been to one (yet), I have loved seeing the annual musicals in the (same) park we have. Our girl wasn't quite ready for it (Shrek!) this year but I'm hoping next year she will be!

    Those matching dresses are adorable.



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