Summer Success

This was a really busy and really fun summer. We went on four road trips throughout the Pacific Northwest.


To Richland, my parents' new hometown in Eastern Washington.


To Suncadia, a resort in the Cascades.


To Seabrook, a beach town on the Olympic Peninsula.


And to Nanaimo, my aunt and uncle's town on Vancouver Island. 

Starting in June, we also got to show lots of visitors around Seattle. 


Adam's oldest brother, Jeff, his wife, Jenn, and their daughter, Estelle.


My parents, younger sister, Allison, and younger brother, Scott.


Our good friends from college, Matt and Kelly, with their two sons, Jude and Finn.


And Adam's mom and younger sister, Katie. 

Claire took two weeks of swimming lessons from the private swim club down the street at the end of June. On Tuesday evenings in July and August, she went to a parent-tot soccer clinic at our neighborhood park. We switched off taking her to soccer and playing with Maggie at the park, which was a great way to make sure we both got some one-on-one time with each child. Maggie became absolutely fearless in the water and on the playground. She's such a little monkey.

Our daredevil one-year old thinks she can climb to the top of this slide. Ahh!

During the week, the girls and I went...

Strawberry picking!

Strawberry picking.

Raspberry picking with Aunt Allie!

Raspberry picking.

Blueberry picking with the world's slowest helpers this morning!

And blueberry picking.

First beach day of the 

We went to six kids' concert at our local beach park.

 Swimming with Aunt Allie!

Having a whale of a time at the splash park.

But we only made it to the public pool and the splash park once. The public pool is only open in the mornings on Fridays (because of swim lessons) and it rained all but one of our available Fridays! The splash park had greatly limited hours this year because of the drought, making it tricky to get to.

A concerned Maggie encounters a sheep, up close and personal.


We saw all the animals at our favorite city farm parks in Redmond and Bellevue. This Friday, we're officially ending summer with a trip to Fox Hollow Farm in Issaquah.


We absolutely loved Saint Edward State Park but we were definitely let down by Cougar Mountain Zoo. It's smaller and less crowded than the regular zoo, but the admission price is way too steep.

Summer days.

Of course, we also set up the baby pool and the water table in the backyard many late afternoons. We spent lots of time outside drawing with sidewalk chalk, blowing bubbles, finger painting, doing play dough, and picking apples from our tree. 

On the weekends when we weren't traveling or showing visitors our favorite Seattle spots, we took several day trips.


To Whidbey Island.


To Alki Beach.

Aviary Photo_130814938947251278

And to Mount Rainier.


We also went on an anniversary getaway to hike Rattlesnake Ledge and stay overnight at the Salish Lodge, while my sister very generously watched Claire and Maggie.

The last few weeks of August, we just stayed in our town and took it pretty easy. We went to the farmer's market, made two trips to the beach with Dad, and took two family bike rides to the ice cream store.

The girls and I go to the lake once a week, but we finally made it there with Daddy! And it was way, way more fun.


Bike ride to the ice cream store!

 We also enjoyed two summer events our town put on - the annual festival, complete with Maggie's first roller coaster ride, and a food truck night with live music.


Fun at the town festival last night!

Technically, we still have two more summer weekends before the autumn equinox on September 23rd. I'm hoping the weather stays decently warm and dry so we can check the final items off our bucket list: having a picnic at Gasworks Park, going to the Woodland Park Zoo and the family fun park at Remlinger Farms, or maybe a bike ride along the Sammamish river trail to Woodinville.


  1. You are making me really hope we get stationed at McChord. Awesome pics!

  2. It looks like you had a wonderful summer! I've been to many of these places before and I know how special they are. We had a good summer, too. It was nice having so many beautiful days to enjoy.

    -Kayleen :)


You are awesome.