Silly Sisters




Talking about going to see Grammie (Adam's mom): She has really loud sneezes. 

Claire tries a carrot with hummus: I like it! (Coughs and spits it out.)

Claire: Can I have a pacifier for Maggie?
Caitlin: Why does Maggie need a pacifier?
Claire: So she won't cry all the time!

Making hot chocolate with Adam:
Claire: It's taking a long time to make...
Adam: Yep.
Claire: Maybe you don't know how to make hot chocolate? 

Claire: What was my first word?
Caitlin: I think it was ball.
Claire: I wish it had been princesses! 

Caitlin: Do you have to pee a lot?
Claire: No, that's just grandma. 

At breakfast: I'm going to eat slow and talk a lot like a grownup. 

"My dolly's name is 'Uh uh' but her nickname is 'Truth.' She likes to be called Truth."

Caitlin: What happens on Saturdays? (I'm expecting her to say Adam doesn't have to work.)
Claire: It rains.

"Maggie is snatching my imagination!"

"Claire and Maggie are cute, but Betsy is the cutest! She is SO cute."

"Our baby helps us get rid of our angry-ness."

Also, I feel like I should note that she's always taking off her socks to pick out "foe tuzz."




"Knock, Knock! Who's there? Boo hoo. Are you an owl?"

After Adam finished getting her dressed for church...
I look pretty? 

Caitlin: Happy Feast Day, Maggie! 
Maggie: Oh, it's my birthday? 
Caitlin: No. 
Maggie: It's Christmastime? 

Upon waking up from her nap while Adam was outside doing yard work...
I lost my Daddy!! 

We can't find the Nutcracker CD...
Adam: Where did the CD go, Maggie?
Maggie: Under the dishwasher. 
Sure enough it's there...
Adam: Why is the CD under the dishwasher?
Maggie: Because Maggie put it there! 

Talking to Claire at dinner...
Eat your food!! The sugar plum fairy (who she was pretending to be) is GRUMPY! 

"I'm going to get married to Jesus and sleep in his bed!"

Adam: Are you a stinker? 
Maggie: No, I'm a robot. Robot Sleeping Beauty!

"Don't wake up Sleeping Beauty's baby! She'll die."


Photos courtesy of Erin Crum Photography. More funnies right here!

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