Silly Sisters



I'm the right-est person in the whole world! 

This ham tastes like pigs. 

Claire: Gigantic is the biggest. 
Adam: Yeah. 
Claire: Almost as big as your head! 

As our parents get ready to leave...
Claire: I want them to stay so they can see their grandchildren run around and say flowers flowers flowers hamburgers hamburgers hamburgers cha cha cha cha cha!

Claire: I have a really snotty nose.
Katie: Do you need to blow your nose?
Claire: No, I have a balloon.

Claire, to Dolly, who's in her hand: We're going on a dangerous mission.

Talking about the passion on Good Friday...
Claire: But did he have a blue mustache?
Adam: No. Why would he have a blue mustache?
Claire: That's what happens to your mustache when you die. 

Getting ready for dance class...
Caitlin: Hello, ballerina!
Claire: I'm not going to be a ballerina when I grow up, I'm going to be a meat wrapper. 

Looking at some homemade books they'd made...
Claire: Let me look at this one first. It has bad drawings. It's yours, Maggie. 

Grownups don't have very much quiet time.

Adam: Okay, let's start cleaning up the toys now.
Claire: How about we not do that. I'm going to go read a book. 

Adam: Why are you sucking your thumb?
Claire: I'm practicing for the car ride!

Betsy needs to concentrate on growing her hair out. 

Can you hold my dolly? But no sucking your thumb.

Holding Claire's hand and walking out into the water at the lake past my waist (and her shoulders)...
Caitlin (gasping): Ahh, it's too cold! 
Claire: Are you joking? 



We're not going to London? We're going to dance class?

Maggie: I have germs!
Adam: Do you have the plague?
Maggie: No.
Adam: Tuberculosis?
Maggie: No, my germs are called waffles!

Getting dressed...
Adam: You're a cutie!
Maggie: I'm not cute. I'm a beautiful girl. 

Walking into a restaurant, Maggie reaches out to hold Grandpa's hand...
Grandpa: Wow, I'm so lucky!
Maggie: Yeah, you are so lucky. 

Where's Prince Phillip? (Her imaginary friend.)
Oh, he's getting donuts. (Her response to this question 90% of the time.) 

Adam: What was your favorite part of the day?
Maggie: Picking up Claire. (From Catechesis.)
Adam: Why? 
Maggie: Because I like her. 

Caitlin: What do you want for dinner? Maggie: Ketchup. Just ketchup.

Trying to distract them for the television at a restaurant by playing I Spy...
Maggie: Look, I spy a show! 

I'm going to poop on the potty...yesterday. 

After I burned myself on the oven...
Maggie: I think you need to go back to a play kitchen, Mommy. 


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