Favorites Friday: Spots on Campus

Pitt is a little different from most schools because it's right in the middle of the city. But I love having so much to do just minutes from my dorm.

#1 - Cathedral of Learning

The Cathedral is the tallest academic building in North America. It's over forty stories and my dad actually climbed all of them the last time he was here. The bottom floors look like Hogwarts!

#2 - Carnegie Library

The coolest library ever. There's a coffee shop inside! Latest things I've checked out there: Amelie, Michael Buble's new album, and Splendor.

#3 - Dave & Andy's Ice Cream

I've heard the owners were approached about selling their ice cream in grocery stores, but the fat content was so high that it wouldn't be FDA approved. That clearly demonstrates how delicious it is. Favorite Flavors: Birthday Cake, Cinnamon, and Raspberry Cookies & Cream.

#4 - Schenley Park

{image via flickr}

During the spring and fall, Adam and I love walking through the park and feeding the ducks. In the winter, there's an ice skating rink and a giant hill that's perfect for sledding {on cafeteria trays}.


  1. Beautiful places! I'm so jealous of that library. I wish our library had cool books like Splendor. They're kind of behind on new fiction.

  2. Dude, we totally have a Carnegie library in Bryan!

  3. Cathedral of learning = AMAZING

  4. i want to try dave and andys ice cream!


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