Not-So-Lucky Irish

On Saturday night, Adam and I went to the Pitt vs. Notre Dame game with two of his roommates. Since the games are at Heinz Field, Pitt operates shuttle from campus to downtown. On the bus ride there, we realized that all four of us had forgotten our tickets! We rode back to campus, raced back to the dorm, and made it to Heinz Field half an hour before kick-off. The stadium was super crowded, so we had to sit at the very top. But that's okay, because Pitt beat Notre Dame and is now ninth in the BCS rankings. Which has pretty much never happened before.

The city was sort of excited about the big game.

I love the pre-game show. It gets everyone so pumped!

Sporting our Pitt gear. Surprisingly, Notre Dame has the same colors. I always thought they were green. You know, since they are the Irish and stuff.

See the ketchup bottles?


  1. I wish Texas Woman's had a football team!

  2. This would've been an EPIC game to go to!! :-D

    I don't think you getting the top seats is necessarily a bad thing. Of course, it's exciting to be close to the action, but the top seats in general are pretty nice--it's easier to see the band formations. :) Plus, I think you get a fuller view of the field than from the end zones.

    Hail to Pitt!!!

  3. Wow, that's so neat!
    Haha, the ketchup bottles!

  4. i can't believe you guys won. how AMAZING! i can't wait to see you soon.


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