I am Stupid.

On Tuesday, Pitt issued everyone new student ids. After a long day of class, I walked back to my apartment and got into the building, no problem. When I got up to the fifth floor, my id won't let me into the apartment!

Luckily, my roommates were there to let me in. I went to the housing office on Wednesday and they "reactivated" my id, but it still didn't work! I went again this morning and my id still wouldn't open the door. This time my roommates weren't there to let me in.

I left Heather and Evelyn messages and proceeded to wait in the hallway for thirty minutes. Heather called me back when she got out class. Here's what she said: "That's so frustrating that you're id still is working! I don't what the problem could be. I mean, maybe your id got printed wrong and you just have to scan it the other way. But I'm sure you tried that already."

Nope, I had not thought of that. I had been scanning my id this way:

But I just needed to turn it around and scan it this way instead.

That was just a little embarrassing.


  1. and this is why we are friends.

  2. pahahah that is AWESOMEEE.

  3. oh gosh...
    you are not stupid.

    at least you can get into your room now! :)

  4. that sounds like something I would do lol

  5. oh man. we should talk on the phone today!


You are awesome.