Pitt Arts Goes to the Symphony

On Friday night, Adam and I went on a completely free date. We had dinner at the Newman Center's "First Friday Feast." They served homemade mac & cheese and apple crisp, comfort food perfect for the cold, rainy weather.

Then we went on a Pitt Arts trip to the symphony. {Pitt Arts is this really cool program that sponsors free excursions to local cultural events. Every Monday they send out an email with the week's events and you can sign up for the ones you're interested in. They even throw in free transportation!}

We were super close to the orchestra!

I've always wanted to sit in a balcony. Isn't Heinz Hall beautiful?

Why are we smiling so big? Because we love free stuff, of course.

This is what happens when I ask Adam to take "just one more" picture.


  1. I love free things :)
    Looks like ya'll had fun!

  2. It wasn't totally free! We had to pay a dollar each at the Newman Center.
    Well I guess we didn't have to.

  3. TAKE FULL BODY PICTURES! thank you.


You are awesome.