We were really good in the 30s.

On Saturday, Adam and I went to the Pitt vs. Syracuse game. We won 37-10 and are now ranked 12th in the BCS standings.

All the games are at Heinz Field, where the Steelers play. There are ketchup bottles on the score board!

Have you noticed Adam is growing a beard? He's doing "No Shave November."

So glad we're not out there anymore.

Did you know Pitt has actually won nine national championships? The record is twelve, held by the University of Alabama. Unfortunately, eight of our titles were won prior to 1937.


  1. oh alabama.

    you guys are CUTE!

  2. I wish my school had a football team...

  3. Alabama...

    That's so cool that you guys play at Heinz Field! Looks like such a fun weekend.

    I despise "No Shave November"... am I the only one who thinks it's awful?

    You guys are so CUTE!

  4. no shave november...i just can't do it.

    looks like you guys had FUN!

    that's so funny about 8 of those 9 championships being before 1937...

    but hey! who cares!


You are awesome.