Pitt Arts Goes to the Guitar Society

On Friday night, Adam and I went on another Pitt Arts excursion. This trip even included free dinner {chicken parmesan, ceasar salad, and a shirley temple} at a swanky restaurant!

After dinner, we saw a performance at the Guitar Society.

Jake Shimabukuro, an awesome ukulele player, performed first. He has recorded with Yo-Yo Ma, toured with Jimmy Buffet, and even played Bohemian Rhapsody for us.

Stanley Jordan, a fantastic electric guitar player, went next. At one point, he actually played the piano and the guitar at the same time!


  1. i love free food! looks like fun!

  2. Looks like such a great time! I love love love free events and free food.

  3. I wish A&M had free stuff!
    So not fair.


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