Favorites Friday: Bloggers

Favorite Food Blogger: The Pioneer Woman

Why? Her recipes are so simple {she does her grocery shopping at Super Walmart}. And simply delicious.

Favorite Fashion Blogger: Cardigan Empire

Why? She actually teaches her readers things, like what you should wear for your height/coloring/body type, rather than just showing us what she's wearing.

Favorite Funny Blogger: The Lawsons Did Dallas

Why? Because Amy is the most hilarious person I've ever come in contact with. Even Adam has read her entire archives.

Favorite Home Decor Blogger(s): Young House Love

Why? They have the best budget & eco friendly, do-it-yourself decorating advice. And their house is gorgeous.

Favorite Inspirational Blogger: Nienie Dialogues

Why? You all know of my love for the Nie. She's practically superwoman.

Favorite Blogger I Actually Know: The Adventures of Allie

Why? Because she introduced me to all of these great blogs. And she's the best sister a girl could ask for! I love reading all about her college adventures.

What are your favorite blogs?


  1. I love the adventures of allie!
    I also enjoy the project girl blog

  2. Anonymous11/13/2009

    What fun blog suggestions, I'll have to check them out!

  3. I love these blogs!

  4. i am such a good blog finder!

  5. I love love love Cardigan Empire. Her sister-in-law is one of my good friends :)


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