Another Funny Story.

Have you heard of this website called mypoints? You sign up, they send you silly emails and surveys everyday, and then about twice a year you can redeem your points for a gift card. I finally have enough points for a $25 gift card. Should I get a Gap card to put towards a new pair of jeans? Should I get one to Barnes & Noble for a French cookbook? Or should I get one to Chili's and take Adam on a date over Christmas?

The last time I went to Chili's was for a back-to-school dinner with my family. Allison and I got one of those 2 for $20 deals. You know, where you get an appetizer, two entrees, and a dessert? I chose the bacon-cheddar-chicken-ranch quesadilla as my entree. It was the single most delicious thing I have ever eaten. I seriously still bring it up in conversation with Adam about once a week.

After that quesadilla of amazingness, nachos, and chocolate cake, I was feeling a little bad about myself. So Allison and I decided to take a walk around the track at our neighborhood elementary school. There was a strangely large number of dogs wandering around the park and it was majorly freaking me out. I am definitely not a fan of canine creatures. So I suggested that we leave and walk around the neighborhood instead.

As we left the playground, a particularly huge dog followed us out into the parking lot. We stood there for a few minutes, hoping he would get distracted, but he just kept staring at us. Neither of us had our cell phones and we didn't want the dog following us all the way home. I had the bright idea of slowly walking to Holly's house {she lives right across the street from the school} and waiting in her back yard until the dog left us alone.

That's what we did. We made it into the back yard {her family was on vacation at the time} and thought we were safe. But then we heard that now-familiar panting behind us. Sure enough, that stupid dog HAD FOLLOWED US! Allison was starting to freak out too and suggested we jump over the fence. Eventually, we both came to the conclusion that we would ask Holly's neighbors if we could use their phone. They probably thought we were crazy, but our dad came and picked us up. He definitely thought we were crazy.

The moral of this story: Never leave home without your cellphone. Because you might be followed by a huge black dog.

Also, bacon-cheddar-chicken-ranch quesadillas are spectacular. It's official, I am redeeming my points for a Chili's gift card.


  1. Chili's sounds sooo good right now :)

  2. OH MY GOSH! this still brings up bad memories. we are just not animal people!

  3. what a funny story! my neighbors have this dog who used to chase me and nip at my heels why i was on my bicycle... NOT FUN!

    those look so delicious!

  4. haha i SO remember allison telling me this story! still cracks me up! i was like..."it's a dog, not a monster."
    hehehe. i know it was probably scary, though.
    allison won't even touch millie.

    mmmmm, that makes me HUNGRY! :)

  5. you, madam, are a dork.

  6. bahahahahahhahahahha.

    i had no idea!!!


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