Favorites Friday: Things I Miss About Home

The few weeks of school after Thanksgiving are not my favorite time of the year. Finals are not exactly what I would call fun. I am so ready to go home for Christmas! Here's a few things I miss about good ole' Houston.

Good Food.

All of my favorites restaurants {Pappasito's, Pei Wei, Jason's Deli} are not up north. Pittsburgh's biggest delicacy is perogies. Why would I want a potato dumpling when I could have queso?

Holding Hands in Church.

At home, the whole congregation holds hands when we say the Our Father. It's one of my favorite parts of the service. In Pittsburgh, Adam and I are the only ones who do it!

Warm Weather.

Sure, snow is really awesome. But waiting at the bus stop, grocery shopping, and carrying heavy bags of food in twenty degree weather isn't quite so awesome.

Family and Friends.

Allison's high school graduation

Last breakfast of the summer with Arli and Jessica

Of course, I miss these people the most. Only two weeks left in the semester!

What do you miss most about home?


  1. I miss my family too!

    I also miss the way my house looks a Christmas time

  2. Aww, you see, I wish I lived away from home! I hope these next two weeks pass by really fast for you! Good luck on finals!


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