Sweet Caroline, Let's Go Pitt

On Saturday, Adam and I went to the Pitt vs. Cincinnati game. Otherwise known as the Big East Championship. Otherwise known as the most important game of the year.

We arrived two hours before kick-off and got really good seats. It was freezing! Good thing I wore a few extra layers of clothing.

Bottom: tights, long underwear, jeans, two pairs of socks.
Top: camisole, long-sleeve shirt, short-sleeve shirt, hoodie, winter coat.

Once we bought some four dollar hot chocolate, we didn't mind the cold so much. Especially because it finally snowed!

Pitt was totally kicking butt in the first half. That's why Adam and I are so happy in this picture, taken at half time {despite the fact that my toes were numb}. But in the last two minutes of the game, Pitt scored a touch down and missed the extra point. Then Cincinnati scored another touchdown and beat us by one measly point!

So, Pitt ended the season ranked 17th. Let's just say, I can't wait to see Florida destroy Cincinnati in the Sugar Bowl.


  1. Football games seem like a lot of fun, especially when yall are singing the "Sweet Caroline" song!!
    Pitt will get 'em next year :)

  2. it's finally snowed here too! it hasn't stopped. we should get six inches by tonight! lol

    sounds like yall had fun!

  3. Oh goodness, I love football! I'm sorry you guys didn't win, that really sucks.


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