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Brooke from Playing Grown-Up!

Brooke and her husband, Grant, went to the University of Alabama. Now Grant is in his second year of law school and Brooke teaches English {and chronicles their adorable adventures on her blog}.

1. How old were the two of you when you got married? How long had you been dating?

Very young. I was 19 and Grant was 20. I had just finished my freshmen year of college. But, timing is different for everybody. We had both been pretty much financially self-sufficient for over a year, so we had learned a lot of the "being an adult" things that would've been difficult to learn in the first year of marriage had we not already experienced them.

We dated off and on for about 5 years.

2. Do you think waiting until you were both done with school would have improved your married life?

Not at all. I know for a lot of people, even a lot of my friends, it's just best for them to wait due to the set up they have with parents, school, finances, and jobs. But for us, it was so exciting to have that unique period where we could be married, yet still be in the middle as far as "college" and "adult-hood." We always look back to undergrad and think about meeting on campus for lunch and biking to class together. We love the stage we're in now, but we really look back and treasure the memories we made while being married in college that we wouldn't have made if we waited until after college.

3. What advice would give to a couple planning to get married young?

I would say to get deep into scripture and prayer, really seeking God's will for your life. It's not a small decision - placing your life in another human being's hands for the rest of your life. Also, I've talked to many young people who wanted their own timing rather than God's. If it's the right time, God will reveal it to you and your mate.

Also, I would have to talk about all the boring stuff you have to consider like student health insurance, budgets, tuition payments. Boring stuff, but it won't figure itself out! Oh, wouldn't it be nice to live entirely on love! These are practical things to consider.

On a more lovey-dovey note, though, marriage has been the biggest blessing in my life. It's so rewarding and such a wonderful picture of God's unconditional love for us.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Brooke!


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