Anniversary Date

Tuesday was Adam's and my first day of work - him at Rice and me at the Symphony. We are loving are our jobs so far! After work, we went on a little date to celebrate our last dating anniversary. First, we had dinner at Goode Co. Barbecue right near Rice University. It's reputed to be one of the best BBQ joints in the city.

It was certainly delicious, especially their special BBQ sauce! I had a baked potato with chopped beef, while Adam enjoyed ribs and a couple of sides. I drew y'all a little diagram to better explain the deliciousness:

Next, we headed over to Amy's Ice Cream for dessert, an Austin institution with one location in Houston. They have a real old-fashioned photo booth inside, so we documented our fifth year together with a silly photo strip.

Adam had dark chocolate and I had cinnamon. We had such fantastic food that evening!

We ended the night by going to see an adorable movie, the documentary Babies!


  1. your job seems like so much fun! i still can't believe you went to go see babies without me. and you went to amy's ice cream! i feel so left out!

  2. so cute. i love amy's ice cream.

  3. We look very serious about that ice cream.

  4. Amy's... so good! I had Belgian Chocolate a few days ago! YUM!

    I am glad you both love your jobs!


You are awesome.