Europe Momentos

For our anniversary last week, Adam and I happened to give each other mementos of our trip to Europe, both under our set budget of $25. My two gifts to Adam were sort of a homage to scrap-booking {something I just didn't have the time for this summer.} The first was a shadowbox I purchased at Home Goods for $3. It was originally a weird green color, so I transformed it to a neutral gray with a $2 can of spray paint. I used a map of Western Europe for the background and then added memorable items from our travels - ticket stubs, coaster, keychain, button, rosette, and even some leftover change.

The second part of my gift was a digital photo book. I chose to use Blurb.com, basing my decision on an article from Martha Stewart Living. It was very easy to use - kind of like Powerpoint. I just created some simple layouts, uploaded my already-edited photos and added a few captions. A week later, a forty-page softcover book {at the low price tag of $20} arrived on my doorstep.

Adam gave me this cookbook, so we can relive our semester in France through the country's wonderful food.


You are awesome.