Chirp, Chirp

When it comes to home decor, I have a slight obsession with birds. I think it all started a few years ago when Adam brought me back a pretty glass swan from a family vacation. Then, this past Christmas, he gave me these adorable dish towels from Anthropologie.

So, while browsing etsy during my down-time at work {I really should start following current events instead of online window shopping}, I stumbled upon these cute prints, which I might just have to invest in.

On a unrelated-to-birds note, I am also a big fan of this Texas pillow.

But not for the $50 price tag. I think I could whip one up on my own, but Allie says the fact that I don't have a sewing machine isn't exactly a good sign. I think I'll consider that a challenge!


  1. i am obsessed with birds. but only the cute little fat ones. i have a bunch of bird and butterfly prints for our new apartment. :)


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