Wedding Wednesday: Programs

When I wasn't spending time with family this past weekend, I was working on our wedding programs. Since many of our guests aren't Catholic, I wanted to include a lot of information. My soon-to-be sister-in-law, Jenn, kindly lent me the program from her wedding last March, so I was able to copy and paste all the prayers. Then I just added our readings, scanned in the two hymns we've chosen, and jazzed it up with some pretty fonts from dafont.com. I found some cute pink ribbon at JoAnn's for $1 a roll, which adds a nice pop of color to the cream cardstock leftover from our invitations. Now I just have to tie it on 150 programs!

I am so excited about the food at the reception. It's definitely not going to be the usual boring country club fare. We're having a fajita buffet as the main course and three flavors of pie for dessert. Last night, my family had a pie tasting at Redstone. They gave everyone a plate with five slices of pie to try - heaven on earth! We finally narrowed it down to derby, apple, and lemon meringue. The derby {a combination of the sugary pecan pie filling with chocolate and walnuts} is what we're actually going to "cut." I even ordered some personalized cake toppers for the occasion!

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