Wonderful Weekend

So, I'm still loving my job at the Symphony. On Friday, I got to attend a fancy luncheon at Neiman Marcus with a bunch of "society" ladies. The food was really weird though - a scoop of chicken salad, a mini bran muffin, fruit salad, and orange jello. Seriously, that was it. Now I know how they stay so skinny!

Friday evening was date night! Dates with Adam are basically my favorite thing. We had dinner at a really neat diner, the House of Pies. Their entrees are the usual sandwiches, burgers, and such. But we really came for the dessert - over 30 different types of pie.

After much deliberation, I ordered their specialty, "Bayou Goo." It was chocolate mousse with lots of whipped cream and a delicious secret ingredient - a layer of cream cheese on the bottom.

Adam went with blueberry a la mode, which was also pretty fantastic!

After dinner, we headed to Hermann Park {Houston's version of Central Park} to see a free symphony concert. Throughout the year, Miller Outdoor Theatre hosts the symphony, ballet, opera, and various regional theatre companies for free performances. It's totally worth getting a little {or a lot} sweaty!

On Sunday, we celebrated Father's Day by seeing this movie:

We all agreed that Pixar had outdone themselves once again! Then we had a huge lunch at our favorite Tex-Mex joint, La Villa. Allie made a delicious nutella pie for dessert. Check her blog soon for the recipe  {from Southern Living, of course!}


  1. Ahhh I LOVE House of Pies! YUMMY!
    Also, that Nutella pie looks deeeelish.

    I still can't get over Toy Story 3! :)

  2. Toy Story 3 was SO GOOD!

    I love that necklace, by the way. And all the food looks delicious!


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