Wedding Wednesday: Centerpieces

I am trying not to focus too much on the reception decorations. It's really helped make the wedding planning process a lot less stressful. Redstone, the country club we're holding the reception at, provides a simple centerpiece as a starting point - a round mirror and hurricane lamp.

They also provide a white taper candle and four votives. To bring in the wedding colors, we are switching out the white taper for a teal pillar, which were found online for $4 each. A scattering of pink rose petals will complete the look. We're planning to use about two roses per table, which are $1 each from Kroger.

Centerpieces for $6 each? Not too shabby, especially considering floral centerpieces are usually $20 a pop. I probably could have come up with something crafty, but that would take up so much time, and who knows how cute they would have turned out? Don't worry, though, I have a few creative ideas up my sleeve for the favors, guest book, and seating chart.

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  1. I can't wait to see it all come together!


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