Happy Birthday, Allie!

My favorite sister is 19 years old today! I wish she didn't have to spend most of the day chasing after twenty 3 year olds.

Top Five Reasons Why I Love Allie:
1. She has great taste. She introduced me to Etsy, Friday Night Lights, Anthropologie, and the world of blogging. She is basically my style guru.

2. I'm really proud to call her my sister. She is doing amazingly in college. Did you know that she had a 4.0 this year? And she got an awesome job as a tour guide? And she's going to be an RA next year, so she'll get to keep girls out of trouble and save some major moolah?

3. She shares my penchant for junk food, especially queso and ice cream!

4. We have shared a room for my whole life and we've always done everything together. I miss seeing her everyday when we're away at school. I really hope we can live closer together when we're grown up.

5. She is a great daughter, sister, and friend. She is always doing nice things for others, like sending cute little packages to her friends. I know that she'll be an awesome nurse in a few years!


Happy Birthday, Allie!