Answers + Winner

A big thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway! I loved reading all your insightful questions. Here are my responses:

Valerie asked, "When do you and Adam want to start having kids?"

Answer: We want to start having kids when I've paid off my student loans. Adam has a completely full-ride scholarship to Pitt, while I have a tuition scholarship. Because I stupidly didn't become an RA when I had the chance {biggest mistake ever}, I will have almost $30,000 in debt from room & board expenses. I can't give you an exact date obviously, but I will tell you that we'd like to have at least four children.

Arli asked, "What's wrong with comments?"

Answer: Well, the main reason I got rid of comments is because I'm often too lazy to comment on others' blogs. I know that plenty of friends and family are reading my blog, but also don't comment for some reason or another. I didn't like seeing that little "0 comments" sign at the bottom of a post, so I made my life a little simpler by getting rid of them.

Sara-Jane asked, "If you could have dinner with ten people, dead, alive, famous, not famous, who would they be and why?"

Answer: This would probably make one weird dinner party, but here goes. I'd love to have dinner with my dad's parents {1,2} because I never really got to know them.  I've always wanted to get Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, and Grace Kelly {3,4,5} in the same room so I could learn their style secrets. I think Jimmy Stewart {6} is dreamy because he's such a gentleman. And Martha Stewart {7} so I could see if she's really as perfect as she seems. Finally, I'd love to talk with Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Padre Pio, and Saint Therese of Lisieux {8,9,10} to learn some of their great wisdom.

Allie asked, "What is your favorite book? What is your favorite meal? What are you giving me for my birthday?"

Answer: I have many favorite books, but I would probably have to say either Pride & Prejudice and Jane Eyre. They are just so romantic. My favorite meal is fajitas with chips and queso. Oh wait, that's what we're serving at the wedding! And you already know that I gave you a darling print from Etsy for your birthday.

Lauren asked, "Who inspires you the most? When did you know Adam was the one you wanted to spend the rest of your life with? Now that you have traveled around Europe, where do you want to go next?"

Answer: Mothers inspire me the most because that's what I want to be more than anything. My mom, my Grandma, Adam's mom, my neighbor Mrs.Spiering, even the authors of my favorite blogs, like Nienie. 

I don't think there was a defining moment when I knew Adam was the one for me. When he asked me on our first date, I knew that he had all the qualities I wanted in a boyfriend and future husband. He was hard-working, God-loving, family-centered, intelligent, kind, and so funny. I think I really knew we were meant to be when situations that were supposed to create distance actually brought us closer together. My senior year, we went to different high schools, and then I went off to college. But after those years were over, we were on our own at school and then really on our own in Europe for a semester. The fact that we've changed so much in five years, and been through so many different situations, and done all of that together, makes me sure that Adam is the one for me.

Now that I've been to Europe, I would really like to see more of America. I'd love to see all the big Northeastern cities {Boston, Philadelphia, New York, and Washington} before I graduate from Pitt. I've never been to the Grand Canyon or even Disney World. And I've heard that the West Coast, particularly San Diego, San Fransisco, and Seattle, is just amazing. 

Adam asked, "Why do you buy stuff so often?"

Answer: Just to bother you. And because there's so much cute stuff out there!

Connie asked, "Where would be your dream place to live? (state, country, whatever)"

Answer: When I'm grown-up, I dream of living somewhere in Texas {preferably Austin} next door to my sister, so our kids can play together all day. When we were little, we used to talk about building two houses that connected with a special  glass tunnel on the second floor, that would have a really cool dining room where our families would have Sunday dinner. Wouldn't that be neat?

 Scott asked, "Can I borrow $20?"

Answer: No, I won't support your video game habits.

And now, the winner of the giveaway {determined by this random number generator} is commenter #5. 

Congratulations, Lauren!