The Cathedral of Learning

On Labor Day, we took Adam's family friend, Josh {who was in town for Steve's wedding} on a tour of the Cathedral of Learning. It is Pitt's largest building and actually the second-tallest academic building in the world {the tallest is at the University of Moscow}.

The first three floors look like Hogwarts! 

The Cathedral of Learning was built during the Great Depression. To finance construction, someone came up with the brilliant idea of asking different ethnic communities for donations, in exchange for having a classroom dedicated to their country. The "Nationality Rooms" are decorated to look like a classroom from a specific country in the year Pitt was founded - 1787.

The Austrian Room {my personal favorite.}

The Indian Room. 

The Israeli Room. 

The Welsh Room. 

The Hungarian Room. 

And the African Room. There's a dozen more that we didn't get the chance to see - France, Britain, Poland, Russia, Italy, Turkey, and so on. Pretty neat, huh?