Football Season

Saturday was the first home football game of the season! We started the day off with brunch at our favorite place, Pamela's Diner.

Last Saturday, we had brunch there with Adam's family before Steve's wedding. As we were leaving, we saw this guy that looked exactly like Frank from 30 Rock. At church yesterday, we learned that it was ACTUALLY him! A friend was there at the same time, sat at the table next to his, and eventually got up the courage to confirm her suspicions.

We shared strawberry pancakes, potatoes, and bacon - yum, yum, yum. 

Then we headed down to Heinz Field, the Steelers' stadium, where Pitt also plays. 

We tailgated {played cornhole and ate hotdogs} with some friends from the Newman Center. 

 Then we found our seats in time for the pre-game show, which always gets everyone so pumped!

Pitt beat New Hampshire pretty easily, but we lost to Utah last week, so we're not ranked in the Top 25 - yet. 

Go Pitt!

Other highlights of the weekend: