Craigslist Finds

We were originally planning to having our dining table in the living room, instead of it's present location in the kitchen. That freed up a lot of space - behind the couch and across from the desk/bookshelf area.

After a lot of brainstorming, we decided to use the space as a reading nook. I really loved these slipper chairs from Target, but they were wayyyyyyyy out of our budget.

We ended up purchasing an armchair ($40) and a side table ($15) from Craigslist. We moved the lamp that previously sat on our desk over to the side table and got a new desk lamp from Target ($30).

As you can see, both the chair and table need a little work. We're planning to spray paint the table black and we're hoping to reupholster the chair in a new, pretty fabric. We narrowed our options down to three Waverly upholstery fabrics.

And, we surprisingly came to a consensus quite easily. But that is a post for another day - mwahahaha!