Our Weekend

On Friday night, we went to the Newman Center's weekly spaghetti dinner. Then we watched Charlie Wilson's War while enjoying raspberry cookies & cream ice cream from Dave & Andy's

On Saturday morning, we went to the Farmer's Market in the Strip District. Instead of purchasing healthy, fresh produce, we bought Reese's kettle corn and a dark chocolate bar with bacon bits {surprisingly delicious! you can never go wrong with bacon.}

Then we reserved a Zipcar for our monthly grocery-shopping expedition. We didn't find the car in its usual spot, but after 15 minutes of frustrated searching, we finally located the vehicle - two blocks away. Since I'm  21 and Adam is not, I have to drive the Zipcar until April. This is a growing experience for both of us. At the Waterfront, we grabbed some supplies for a project at Lowe's and Target {more on that tomorrow} and completed our grocery-shopping in a record-breaking 35 minutes. 

After a delicious dinner of homemade mac&cheese and fried chicken, we went to a Newman Center party. A bunch of Catholic guys live together and throw fun events every month. First, we watched guest-submitted YouTube videos on a giant screen in the backyard.

Then we split up into two groups and built bridges out of spaghetti and gum drops. 

The bridge that could support the most number of pierogies won. Which was sadly not our poor little bridge.

On Sunday, we went to Mass and then taught Sunday School for the first time this year. One of my little first graders, Peter, says the funniest things, like "CCD stands for Church Community Detention" and "I'm missing the Chelsea game for this!" At home, we did homework and laundry while watching the Steelers beat the Titans. The weekend came to a close with Catholic Action - pizza and an interesting talk about Theology of the Body.