Steve and Elizabeth's Wedding

Adam's second-oldest brother, Steve, got married over labor day weekend! He and his new wife, Elizabeth, both work at Pitt, so the rest of the family headed to Pittsburgh for the wedding. The rehearsal dinner was held in a picnic shelter in Schenley Park, sort of the Central Park of Pittsburgh.

The picnic shelter in Schenley Park where the rehearsal dinner was held

Delicious picnic-style food was served, like barbecue sandwiches, hamburgers, corn bread, baked beans, and fruit salad.

Yummy picnic food at the rehearsal dinner

After dinner, we watched the sunset over Pittsburgh and played a rousing game of Ultimate Frisbee.

Pittsburgh skyline at sunset

At Steve and Elizabeth's rehearsal dinner

The wedding was held at an old-church-turned-community-center, the Union Project. 

The Union Project, where Steve and Elizabeth's wedding was held

Steve and Elizabeth had a beautiful, special ceremony. Their pastor gave a great sermon about how they are each others' great adventure, using the couple from Up as an example. Adam and I found this really funny because Steve and Elizabeth actually chose not to see that movie on our family vacation last year - the theater was too far of a drive {20 minutes} for those city dwellers. 

Saying their vows

Saying their vows.

Exchanging rings

Exchanging rings. 

Their first dance

And their first dance. 

Crazy dancing at the reception

After the ceremony, a delicious dinner was served and then the dancing started. The crazy guy with his arms in the air is Alex, Adam's brother closest to him in age.

Cupcake display

Steve and Elizabeth joined us in breaking from the wedding cake tradition. They served cherry cupcakes instead!

Leaving for the honeymoon in San Fransisco

The newlyweds leaving for their honeymoon in San Fransisco. 

Other highlights of the weekend included:
  • Showing everyone our favorite Pittsburgh spots - Pamela's Diner, Dave & Andy's, St. Paul's Cathedral.
  • Playing Dutch Blitz and "the Train Game."
  • Having our very first house guests!
 So, I'm going to just go ahead and say what everyone else is thinking - these pictures are pretty crappy. When faced with less-than-perfect light or capturing action shots, my camera just plain sucks. That's why I'm saving up to buy one of these babies sometime in the probably distant future.