Wedding Wednesday: More Pictures!

We haven't gotten the professional photos back, but I have some pictures from friends to share with y'all today! A big thanks to Mr. Tamayo, Ben, Sam, Lauren, and everyone else who took the time to capture our wedding on film.

My dad walking me down the aisle. 

The big hand-off between the two men in my life. 

Exchanging vows and rings. 

Eucharist Time. {I was so glad to have that kneeler. My feet were killing me!}

Our first kiss as husband and wife. 

The bridal party looking snazzy.

The new Crawford family. 

The new Burch family. 

Beautiful bridesmaids!

My adorable family. 

The Spierings came up from Corpus Christi! We had a blast catching up with Rachel and Claire. 

Mingling with guests at the reception, after taking wedding portraits outside. 

Eating lunch {delicious fajitas!} at our sweetheart table. 

The table settings. I love how the decorations turned out!

Chatting with friends after lunch. 

Brothers laughing it up. 

With Sam, who's getting married in two months!

With my mommy. You can really tell how much we look alike in this picture! 

Cutting our pie. 

Derby Pie - yum, yum, yum!

The bouquet toss. Jessica caught it! Don't even ask why Scott was trying to catch that bouquet. 

Making our grand exit to the Houstonian. 

Have I mentioned that our wedding was the most perfect day ever?!?