Keep Denton Weird

After celebrating Sam and Ben's marriage, we drove on up to Denton, the home of Texas Woman's University, where Allie goes to school. We got to spend the night in her adorable dorm room! Sunday morning, we picked up Kailin from her room, grabbed bagels at Panera for breakfast and got some groceries for Allie at Target. Then we headed to a cute little shopping and eating area, the Square.

The Square is centered around Denton's historic courthouse, which is now a museum.

We stumbled upon a cool mural that was just begging for a photoshoot.

Then we spent a while browsing in a gigantic used-book store.

It had a section for everyone! We wandered through some other cute boutiques and antique stores. Allie and Kailin found a shop that provided them with color scheme inspiration for their nursing school apartment. Mustard and teal, maybe?

We had dessert first at Beth Marie's, an old-fashioned ice cream parlor.

And we ended the outing with a late lunch at Sukothai, a cheap and tasty Thai place near TWU. It was probably the sketchiest restaurant I've ever set foot in. But the prominently displayed health permit near the cash comforted me and we all shared a delicious meal of crab wontons, pineapple fried rice, and chicken in peanut sauce.

After church, it was time to say goodbye! Allie had her Sunday evening Ireland lecture {isn't that the worst possible time for class?} and we had to hit the road again.

P.S. The title of this post is from something funny Kailin said. Denton is also home to the University of North Texas, a big music and arts school. She said that they have to try to "Keep Austin Weird", but people in Denton just ARE weird!