Sam and Ben's Wedding

We skipped two days of class and flew to Texas last Friday night so we could go on a little road trip. Adam's little sister, Katie, graciously let us borrow her camera so we could document our journey! On Saturday morning, we drove up to College Station, home of Texas A&M. My best-friend-since-kindergarten, Arli, and her husband, Phil,  had us over for a delicious lunch of Mexican lasagna and apple crisp. Jessica and her boyfriend, Wade, joined us too! After lunch, we played a round of telephone pictionary - also known as the funniest game ever. We had so much fun with everyone and can't wait for another reunion over Christmas!

Then we got all dressed up and drove up to Waco for Ben and Sam's {you may remember her as one of my bridesmaids!}  wedding.  I've known Sam since elementary school, but we didn't really become good friends until high school marching band.

Their wedding was in a chapel on Baylor's campus, where they met and fell in love.

Saying their vows.

Their first dance as husband and wife!

Delicious cake!

The Groom's Cake. We loved the tuxedo strawberries!

Sam has the best sense of style - cute and classic. So, of course, their wedding could be described the same way. I loved how she incorporated Scrabble tiles {their favorite game} into the place cards and centerpieces. Instead of champagne, they served Dr. Pepper for the toasts because it was invented in Waco.

Sam about to throw her bouquet.

It got stuck in the chandelier! Funniest moment of the wedding. Luckily, there was a member of the Baylor basketball team in attendance to save the day!

Ben's "sexy" dance before removing Sam's garter. Hilarious!

With the beautiful bride. We are so happy that we could be there to celebrate with Sam and Ben!