Basketball Season

Football season is officially over. In August, the coaches' poll almost unanimously picked Pitt to win the Big East. I say almost, because one coach in the entire country chose UConn instead. And that one coach somehow happened to be right, because UConn came in first in the conference and is headed to it's first ever BCS bowl game. We say, at least it's not West Virginia.

Basketball season is upon us and we are determined to become dedicated fans this year. Pitt is ranked third in the nation right now! We went to our first game of year on Saturday. Pitt beat Rider, a small school in New Jersey, 87 to 68.

Pitt's basketball arena is one of the toughest. In the ten years it's been in use, Pitt has won 132 games and only lost 11. The students like to attribute this record to the Oakland Zoo, our student section with lots of crazy traditions. The campus newspaper suggested that everyone in the Zoo should actually start wearing animal costumes this year. Adam and I think this would be AWESOME and would like to add a giraffe and koala costume to our Christmas list.

In other news, we're kind of in love with our new camera. Even on the basic auto mode, it's pictures our so much better than my old point and shoot! We amused ourselves by having a silly photo shoot during the game.