New Members of the Family

Remember how I won that $1,000 scholarship for a new computer? Well, Adam and I finally decided what to do with the money. 

First, we bought a desktop computer. Actually, we bought all the components for a computer. Adam did a bunch of research about building computers and then put it together himself!  He's just cool like that. The total for all the parts was $680. 

Then we worn torn between getting a net book or a DSLR camera. We were initially leaning towards the net book, but we made a rule that we couldn't have more computers in the house than people. That's just crazy! I gave my laptop to my Dad, so that left us with Adam's pretty sweet Sony Vaio laptop and our new desktop. We realized that it would be dumb to get rid of Adam's really nice laptop for a lesser-quality net book.  

When I fell on my face and broke my camera a few weeks back, we knew a fancy camera was the way to go. We ended up purchasing a Panasonic Lumix DMC-G1 for $420. It's not technically a DSLR though. Traditional DSLRs, like the Canon Rebel, use an optical viewfinder. My camera has a new kind of technology, Micro Four-Thirds, which allows it to use a digital viewfinder instead. It has all the features of a DSLR, expect that it's half the size.

So, for only one hundred buckaroos out-of-pocket, Adam and I are the proud owners of a new computer and camera. We are so blessed!

P.S. Speaking of new members of the family, Adam's brother, Alex, got engaged this week. We are excited for him and his awesome fiancee, Kate!