I'm going to let you guys in on a little secret. Thanksgiving is my least favorite holiday. I just think that instead of counting our blessings, the holiday is more about celebrating American excess, with the gorging ourselves on gigantic feasts and trampling on each other for the latest electronics. Also, as a college student, I don't like the timing of Thanksgiving. It's weird going from August until late November to see my family and then seeing them again three weeks later for Christmas. Canadians are totally onto something by celebrating Thanksgiving on Columbus Day. 

Despite my ill-will towards Thanksgiving, we still had an awesome time hanging out with our families. We spent the rest of our break....

- Getting our Tex-Mex fix at Pappasito's {the home of the BEST queso in exsistence.}
- Shopping at glorious Target.
- Baking pumpkin and chocolate pecan pies. 
- Playing our favorite games: Dutch Blitz and Ticket to Ride
- Finally seeing Harry Potter and absolutely loving it. We can't wait for the final installment!