Christmas Celebration

Last Friday, Adam and I had our first Christmas celebration as married people. First, we enjoyed a delicious dinner of pulled pork and mac & cheese. Not exactly your typical Christmas fare, but we'll get plenty of that good stuff with our families, so we just cooked up our favorite meal instead. Just so you know, that's iced tea, not wine!

Then it was time to open our stockings.

Santa brought each of us two J.Crew shirts {he knows us so well!} and dark chocolate Hershey's Kisses.

Adam's gift to me was Photoshop Elements - to use with our fancy new camera!

Adam had four presents under the tree. I told him which order to open them in. In the first box, he found a nun-chuck.

Then a Wii controller and Super Mario game.

And the last present was a Wii!

Happy, happy husband! I went a little over our Christmas budget {the wii was actually used}, but I figured it was okay because I did some clothes shopping over the last few months, while Adam didn't buy anything for himself.

We ended the evening with Christmas cookies and a classic holiday movie - the Bishop's Wife.

Now, we're back in Houston for two weeks, spending some quality time with our family and friends. Stay tuned for a few posts recapping 2010!