Never-Ending Date

Although we had so much fun spending time with our families, we were really excited to get back to our little apartment in Pittsburgh. Especially our queen-size bed.

In the midst of the usual unpacking and grocery shopping, we squeezed in a lot of fun before school started back up. On Monday, we had dinner at the Pita Pit and saw The King's Speech. We absolutely loved it! On Tuesday, we checked out the winter flower show at Phipps Conservatory, an awesome spot near campus.

Phipps Conservatory

Chihuly Glass

Winter flower show

O Christmas tree

Pink poinsettias!

Gotta love hydrangea

Winter white

More fun glass

The southwest room

Cute husband

My favorite room

Attempting to use the self-timer

Yesterday was my last first day of school {and my first day of serious job-hunting} so we celebrated by having dinner at Five Guys and going to see Mary Poppins. I'd been dying to see the musical for a loooong time and it definitely lived up to my expectations! Now if only I could get "chim chim cheree" out of my head....

Adam and I like to think that our marriage is just one big never-ending date. I'm sure this will change when some kiddos arrive on the scene, but we're sure enjoying it while it lasts!