Hitting the Ski Slopes

On Friday night, Adam and I went to a fund-raising event at the Newman Center. Once a year, the priests organize a special night to keep the Newman Center's retreat house in tip-top shape. It's the only time students are allowed upstairs into the Priest's fancy-shmancy living quarters!

At the Rednal Benefit

An absolutely delicious dinner was provided. Did someone say prime rib?

Rednal Benefit Food

Then the lucky winners of the big raffle were chosen. The grand prize was a $1,000 gift certificate to Nordstrom!

Rednal Benefit Raffle

We had to duck out a little early so Adam could finish his big physics lab report. Which he submitted twenty minutes before the midnight deadline.

On Saturday, we went on a ski trip with the lovely Pitt Program Council. They've given us great deals before {to Cedar Point and Fallingwater} and didn't disappoint this time, with a lift pass/ski rental/lesson combo for only $60 per person.

Well, we arrived at Seven Springs Resort and went to grab our gear. Which is when we encountered a little snag. You see, I have really, really short legs, even for my 5'2" height. So, the thickest part of my calves are closer to my feet than normal. This made it pretty much impossible to find boots that weren't super tight.

Seven Springs Resort

But Adam helped me try on like five different pairs {without complaint - he's going to be a great dad one day!} and we finally found a pair that sort of worked. Then we met up with the ski instructor for our first-ever lesson.

Ready to hit the slopes Ready to hit the slopes

Turns out, we're pretty clumsy and not very athletic, so skiing wasn't exactly our strong suit. And, the whole time, I couldn't stop thinking about how tight my boots were. So, we decided to call it a day after the lesson.

Before our first ski lesson

That's the story of our first, and most likely last, ski adventure. We're happy we tried it once and can check it off our Pittsburgh bucket list. Now we know that we'd rather be on the beach than on the slopes any day - where there are no boots required.

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