Hair Clips

I love a good British miniseries. The beautiful accents, costumes and scenery get me every time. When Adam was off doing his math competition thing last weekend, I discovered Downton Abbey and watched the whole thing. So addicting!

Downton Abbey

While I was watching ridiculously too much tv, I kept my hands busy by crafting up some felt flower hair clips. Allison gave me one over Christmas and I've been wearing it pretty much non-stop since, so I figured I could use a few more colors. I followed the easy tutorial over at Jones Design Company.

Felt Hair Clips

They're not exactly EmersonMade or ban.do quality, but for only a couple bucks they keep my greasy/sweaty hair off my forehead.

Stylin' my new hair clip

Here I am stylin' one of my new creations. I would say that I normally dress cuter than this...but that would be a lie. If I did "What I Wore Wednesday" it would just be me wearing this same hoodie six days in a row.


  1. It's a cute hoodie!

  2. I think they're adorable hair clips! I once tried to make hair clips for my bridesmaids, and they were kind of a disaster. I think there's a picture on my blog somewhere of Jeff modeling all of them on his head at once. :)

  3. Those are adorable.

  4. I have been making fabric flower hair clips! We're awesome.

  5. those turned out super cute!


You are awesome.