Super Bowl Sunday

This weekend was actually pretty eventful, compared to the last few. On Friday night, we went to a lecture by Dr. Roback-Morse of the Ruth Institute, sponsored by the Newman Center. She talked about how marriage is pretty much great all around - for children, for society - and we have to agree!

On Saturday, we went to the Pitt vs. Cincinnati basketball game. Did you know that Pitt is ranked fourth in the nation right now? We're getting a little excited for March Madness.

And, on Sunday, we donned our Steelers gear for the Super Bowl.

Terrible Towel

We watched the game with Adam's best friends and old roommates - Jonathan, Pete, Sean, Adam and Nick - over at their house.

The Whole Gang

Jonathan, Adam, Nick

Nick, Pete, Sean, Adam

The Housemates

Don't worry, I wasn't the only girl in attendance. Pete's girlfriend, Clare, was there too!

Pete and Clare

Sadly, the Steelers lost the big game. But we still had fun hangin' with everyone. There's always next year!

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