Oh, Hail

Did you know that Pittsburgh gets more rain each year than Seattle? Now that its finally spring, the city has exchanged snow fall for rain showers. But, yesterday we didn't just get rain. For about thirty minutes, hail was dropping from the sky like crazy!

Hail Storm

Luckily, we were both in class at the time. Getting pelted with ice the size of golf balls would not have been an enjoyable experience!

A random and unrelated Pittsburgh experience:

We live in South Oakland, a student neighborhood near Pitt. Our little section is pretty safe {there's a nursing home on our street} but gosh darn trashy. And when I say trashy, I mean that there's literally trash all over the place.

As part of our spring cleaning, Adam and I tried to pick up all the litter we could. We walked around just one city block and filled up two kitchen garbage bags!

The weird part is that our neighbors are really into recycling. Every other garbage day, people place their recycling - separated into paper, plastic, and cans - out on the curb for pick up. Why do they take the time to sort their recycling but can't be bothered to throw their beer bottles and cigarette butts in the nearest trash can?

Texans may not be the best recyclers, but they sure know that we don't mess with Texas!


  1. That's weird...as of recently, Pittsburgh does single-stream recycling, so no need to separate. AND they take paper and cardboard, which is sweet. Now we only produce a single bag of trash-trash every week! (and half of that is food remains which - if we composted or had a garbage disposal - we wouldn't even have to throw away)

  2. That hail was crrrazy!

  3. It sounded like someone was throwing rocks at the apartment building ... crazy weather. :)


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