Adam's Birthday Festivities

Our little tradition is that the birthday boy or girl gets to spend the whole day doing whatever they want. So, for Adam's birthday that meant absolutely no studying!

He woke up to a breakfast of waffles and bacon. We don't do breakfast in bed but we're big fans of breakfast on the couch while watching The Dick Van Dyke Show.

Birthday Breakfast

Then Adam had to take an advanced calculus final. Bummer, right? While he was off doing that, I finished icing his birthday cake. Icing cakes is easily my least favorite part of baking, so it was about as much fun as an early morning exam.

Adam's Birthday Cake

We met up with Adam's best friends, Pete and Jonathan, for lunch at our favorite Thai place. They treated Adam to his first legally-purchased-in-America beer.

Lunch with Pete and Jonathan

Since it was actually a nice day, we went for a walk in Schenley Park. Spring has finally arrived in Pittsburgh, as demonstrated by the lovely tulips popping up all over the place!

Spring Tulips

When we got home, it was present time.

Present Time

Adam received some very thoughtful and generous gifts:

- Three video games and Wii controllers from his parents.
- Tickets to a baseball game, seven layer bars and oatmeal cookies from his siblings.
- A video game, a math book and a crucifix from my parents.
- A book, Chick-fil-A gift card, hand-knotted rosary and two Threadless shirts from my siblings.
- Four seasons of Seinfeld and a Settlers of Catan expansion pack from his wife.

He spent the rest of the afternoon playing one of his new video games!

Dinner with Steve

We had dinner with Adam's brother, Steve, at a fancy restaurant in a hotel downtown. {Thank you, Groupon!} Steve treated Adam to his second beer of the day. Adam and I enjoyed delicious steaks, a rare treat for two poor newlyweds. It was a fantastic meal with fantastic conversation, but we missed Steve's wife, Elizabeth, who was unfortunately out of town.

Blowing out his Candles

And, of course, we ended the night with chocolate cake!


  1. um don't forget that i also gave him snacks and a PITT shirt!

  2. That is a pretty eventful and fun birthday. And, ps. I think your cake looks great!

  3. You might hate icing cakes, but it looks awesome! Nice job :)


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